Information for International Students, Tourists and Professionnal Expatriates

Being healthy is very important to succeed. Inappropriate or late decision towards emergency may lead to serious health problems and DEATH.

Are students in general well prepared to that? Are international students really aware of healthcare system while coming in France?

General recommendations

In France, never go directly to the hospital for any general medical consultation. (Only for emergency or specific health problem)

First, consult a General Practitioner (GP) who will refer you to a hospital Doctor, if necessary.

Check carefully your health insurance before coming over and do not forget to bring along your social security card or certificate.

Be prepared to pay the consultation fees (23 euros) by cash or check ONLY.

Note that some consultations (specialists, dentists) are more expensive, and may require specific treatment.

Hospitalization could be very expensive as well.

Transportation to or from the hospital are NOT FREE, and are charged separately. (Not included in the consultation fees)